sound installation

Sound is all around us. A person's habituation to a continuous sound stream reduces active listening, becomes a background, an artifact that disappears in time. Attention to the smallest changes in the environment makes you slow down, stop and listen. Wind is one of the strongest sound triggers in nature.

The Wind of sound installation is organized on the principle of a noise instrument that unites the elements with man - the Aeolian harp or the "spirit harp"*.

The vibration of the string under the influence of the air flow creates a constant sound improvisation without human intervention. The directed jet of air sets in motion parts of the tape that cause the string to move. Their length, size and width affect the strength of the vibrations.

The meditative process of listening focuses the viewer's attention on the sound nature of what is happening, coexistence with sound, its all-penetrating nature.

The Wind of Sound sound installation visualizes the process of bringing intentions to life - by wrapping invisible air currents in form and sound.

* Aeolian harp or “spirit harp” is a stringed eolophone, a zither-type instrument that sounds due to the wind vibrating the strings. Named after Aeolus, the mythical lord of the winds.

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