interactive sound sculpture

collaboration with Andrey Smirnov, composer, curator, inventor, founder of the electroacoustic music center “Theremin center”

The cross-modality of sensations and the search for new relationships between the auditory, tactile and visual in the installation become a continuation of synesthesia studies. Expanding the field of perception and increasing the impact on perception is an attempt to create conditions under which a person can undergo an experience that is not available to him outside of a given space due to the absence of synaesthetic features. The development of sensory experience is made possible by reassembling abstract concepts and the using external triggers in unusual sequences and combinations.

The apparently simple and obvious algorithm is complicated and enriched by the presence of the viewer, involving him in the performative process of controlling sound and physical mass by constantly searching for the position of the hands in space. Control of the generative sound composition occurs through the influence on the magnetic matrix, which changes the position of the ferrofluid. The distance between the artist and the participant in the action is blurred and the image becomes an artistic statement that is individual for everyone.

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